Bird Day 2017

Helping birds along the way


When birds migrate between nesting and wintering sites, they don’t just stop anywhere; they rely on a handful of resource-rich and strategically located sites where they may double their body weight as they acquire the energy-rich fat stores needed to fly thousands of kilometers across continents and oceans. These places are known as stopover sites. Some stopover sites are well known, such as along the coasts of Louisiana, New Jersey, and the Upper Bay of Panama, where birds stop after traveling along the shoreline. Others are inland, such as Venezuela's grasslands, wetlands in the central United States, and even urban parks and backyards.

In 2017, Environment for the Americas invites you to join our celebration of the importance of stopover sites and their habitats. Whether you learn about a stopover site near your home, visit one far away, or create a safe place for birds in your backyard, your support can mean a safe journey for a migratory bird. Join the celebration!


As birds journey between breeding and non-breeding sites, International Migratory Bird Day 2017 will celebrate the importance of the places and habitats where they stop to rest and refuel. The art created to represent this event features 11 migratory bird species. Some, such as the Wood Thrush, fly over 2,500 miles (4,000 km) between Central and South America where they winter to the U.S. and Canada, where they will nest and raise young. Let's help them along the way!


Rocío Landívar was born in San Antonio Oeste, a small town by the sea located in the Argentinian Patagonia. She studied Visual Communication Design at La Plata National University. She currently lives in Buenos Aires, where she paints and designs. Since the beginning of her professional career, she has worked on bird protection and conservation projects, specially on seashore birds, which were regular visitors to her homeland. She developed posters, infographics, educational and promotional materials, and more. Rocío also commits her time to porcelain painting where she conveys her dedication and passion for birds through realistic paintings and her own creative universe.