Bird Day 2016

Spread your wings for bird conservation


The annual International Migratory Bird Day (IMBD) conservation theme is an important part of the program, providing you with specific messages and information about birds and their conservation. This theme is selected by a team of biologists and educators, with input from the general public and IMBD host organizations.

In 2016, International Migratory Bird Day (IMBD) will focus on how birds have inspired many of the most significant environmental conservation actions in the Americas. We recognize the capacity of citizens in every country to support programs and laws that protect birds and their habitats, including a landmark treaty that, for the last century, has protected nearly all migratory bird species in the U.S. and Canada ~ the Migratory Bird Treaty.

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The 2016 IMBD art illustrates 11 bird species. Ten of these species benefit from conservation laws that conserve migratory birds. One, the Carolina Parakeet, is extinct because of lack of protection in the early 1900's. It serves as a reminder for the need to be involved in ensuring the future of migratory birds.


Lionel Worrell spent his formative years in the West Indies. At a young age he expressed an avid interest in both wildlife and art. An old tattered copy of Birds of the West Indies by the ornithologist James Bond provided an early insight into the immensely rich wildlife diversity of the region. Art remained an important part of Lionel’s life, with early works mostly consisting of pencil sketches.

One summer Lionel received a book that showcased various paintings by the renowned Canadian wildlife artist Robert Bateman; Lionel was mesmerised by the lifelike images that appeared to capture the very essence of their subjects and to tell complex and fascinating stories. From that point on Lionel has worked to develop his own craft, primarily painting North American wildlife.